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The Labrador Coastal Drive is an explorer's paradise and with our coastal location, the Oceanview Resort is an ideal base for discovery of the local scenery, unspoiled environment and fascinating history and culture.
Experience the Labrador Wilderness
The Oceanview Resort is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a stone's throw from the shoreline, making it an ideal spot for wandering along the sea front, whale watching or birdwatching. At the Oceanview, the outdoors is just on your doorstep.

Labrador offers a unique wilderness adventure experience - spectacular icebergs, magnificent rivers, trophy trout and Atlantic salmon. It's world renowned for its sport fishing. If you are an avid angler or would like to try your hand at fishing for Atlantic salmon, come stay with us to fish the nearby Pinware River, one of the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world. Licenses can be purchased locally and we can put you in touch with one of our local guides.

Pinware Provincial Park is located about 5kms north and has a beautiful, pristine, sandy beach - great for family outings or a contemplative stroll. Hiking trails in the community follow the historic footpaths used for centuries - Bogie's Hill Boardwalk, the Old Fishing Community Trail and the Labrador Pioneer Foot Path.
Learn about Labrador's Culture and Heritage
Experience the many Cultural and Heritage offerings in the region - from storytelling to historic sites, Southern Labrador has thousands of years of history to explore.
Tea and Toutons with Aunt Lou: Storytelling about a famous midwife; an entertaining afternoon tea with a tasty treat - toutons (pan-fried, homemade bread dough) with molasses. Offered periodically throughout the summer season at the Oceanview Restaurant.

Labrador Culture: Valerie O'Brien and her husband Bobby operate a craft and woodworking shop in the community. Valerie offers demonstrations of traditional crafts and shows how wild plants were used for traditional healing. Available on request.
Historic Attractions: The resources of the Labrador coast have brought people here for thousands of years and archaeologists have found evidence of the Maritime Archaic Indian, Dorset Eskimo, and Basque Whaling sites in the region, the most famous site being the Basque site at Red Bay dating back to 1505 A.D. Here, in the community of West St. Modeste, evidence has been found of a Basque site from the 16th century and a thriving French trading post from the 17th century.

The Labrador Straits Museum, operated by the Women's Institute, shows the domestic side of settler life in the Labrador Straits. The museum is located on the main highway near the turnoff to the Point Amour Lighthouse, and often has craft demonstrations during the summer.
Regional Points of Interest
Red Bay Basque Whaling Site and Point Amour Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada, both have interpretation centres and staff to tell you the story of our maritime history. Each historic site is approximately a half hour drive from the Oceanview and makes a great day trip. There are historic hiking trails in both locations where you can get close up view of the local flora, whales and icebergs.

Visit the Labrador Coastal Drive website for further information on the communities, environment, history and lifestyle of the Labrador Straits region.
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